What Prompt looks like for a typical student:

SHOW the whole process
Step 1: Discuss your goals with your Application Advisor
We set the stage for our work together.
  • We’ll align on your goals and create a timeline for getting everything done.
  • We’ll assign your Writing Coach and schedule your first call with them.
Step 2: Identify what you’ll write about
We start by identifying your experiences colleges will find compelling.
  • You’ll use Prompt’s application planning tool to learn what colleges are looking for and brainstorm content colleges will find compelling.
  • You’ll have a video call with your Coach to complete your brainstorming and decide on your most compelling content – which we’ll make sure gets covered on every application.
  • We’ll discuss what other things you can do now to make your content more compelling.
Step 3: Write your Common App Essay first draft
 Then we write the essay you’ll use for most of your applications.
  • You’ll use the Prompt platform and a call with your Coach to create an outline and start writing your introduction.
  • You’ll complete your first draft and submit it to your Coach for feedback.
Step 4: Revise and finalize your Common App Essay
You’ll finish your Common App Essay within 1 to 2 weeks of starting it.
  • Your Coach provides detailed feedback on how to improve the content, structure, readability, and grammar of each draft.
  • You’ll revise your essay after each draft and submit it for more feedback – until you and your Coach are satisfied with the result (typically 3 to 4 drafts).

If you purchased our Personal Statement package, our work ends here! The below additional steps are included in Complete Application Packages.

Step 5: Complete your first application
You’ll complete the application for your top-choice school within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • You’ll do a video call with your Coach to match your content to each part of the application (e.g., supplements, activities list, additional information) and create an outline for each of those additional pieces.
  • You’ll complete your first drafts for each piece and submit them to your Coach for feedback.
  • You’ll revise your writing after each draft and submit it for more feedback – until you and your Coach are satisfied with the result for each part of the application (typically 2 to 3 drafts each).
Step 6: Complete the rest of your applications
You’ll work application by application with your Coach for as many applications included in the package you purchased.
  • You’ll do a video call with your Coach to match your content (e.g., previously written essays) to the next application or two you’ll complete.
  • You’ll go through the draft and revision process for each essay.
  • After a couple of applications, you’ll get the hang of matching the content yourself. And you’ll see how to best reuse essays (or portions of essays) across applications. But your Coach and Advisor will still be there to guide and support you through the process. 

Step 7: Wait for the acceptance emails to enter your inbox :)

Everyone has a story. Let’s find the best way to tell yours.

Individual Review Pricing

Prompt's Individual Reviews are an opportunity to receive feedback on an essay you've already written.

Individual Reviews

Receive written feedback on one draft

  • Get any personal statement (e.g., Common App Essay) or supplement reviewed
  • Written feedback on content, structure, and clarity
  • Returned within 48 hours (with an option for 24 hours)

How to Purchase

  • Create a Prompt account by clicking on "Sign Up."
  • You'll see the option to purchase front and center on your homepage!

How to Use

  • Once you have purchased the credit, go to the My Schools tab at the top of your screen.
  • Enter the school you'd like support with and that school will be added to your list.
  • You can paste the essay into the Google Doc provided and submit it directly to Prompt for review!
  • This short video walks you through the submission process.


$99 per review

Receive feedback on one draft

Prompt Satisfaction

Buy now with no risk. If you do not find your review feedback vaulable, we will issue a full refund.

Prompt Satisfaction Guarantee

Buy now with no risk. If you're not satisfied after your student's first coaching call, we'll issue a full refund.

“I was in a panic because my daughter needed a coach who could review and provide important feedback during the long holiday week before the deadlines. When my daughter's stress and anxiety reached an all-time high, the coach quickly scheduled more calls and motivated my daughter towards the finish line. I wish I had enrolled my daughter sooner!”

“Prompt's approach is based on data and succeeds in the way the coaches work with students. There were several iterations per essay, always with a quick turnaround time. AND our student is now a way better and more confident writer.”

"The process went very well for my twin boys, the help & assistance provided by prompt is really appreciated!! The boys got early acceptance in almost all the schools they applied to, in the College of Engineering (with merit based scholarships) and am very grateful for the coaching provided for my boys. Hope this helps and big THANKs to your team."

"My daughter really enjoyed working with her coach. His feedback was always very helpful and positive and focused on what she could do to improve. She really felt confident working with him and his feedback kept her on track, so we were really happy with the process. In an extremely competitive admissions cycle she was accepted to 16 schools, including two Ivy League schools. She believes that her essays played an important role in her success."

"My daughter really needed her essays to stand out since she was not submitting SAT scores. More than half the schools required extra essays in lieu of SATs! Her coach helped her organize her jumbled thoughts and notes into multiple well-written essays. Her feedback ranged from minor edits to major edits, and sometimes great advice on taking things a different direction. My daughter got into all 8 colleges she applied to, including her reach school. I definitely believe a lot of her college acceptances were due to the essays. I would highly recommend hiring Prompt to help with college essays!"

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