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The college essay is simple. It doesn’t need to be beautiful. It doesn’t need to be creative. It doesn’t need to be witty. It doesn’t need every word to be perfect. It just needs to do one thing:

PROVE your student will be SUCCESSFUL in college and beyond.

This guide will help you do that:

  • The ideal timeline for getting essays done
  • Learn what colleges are looking for in essays
  • Understand who reads the essays and how they read them
  • How to get your student started
  • And more...

Learn the do's and don'ts of college essays. What should the essay structure be?  Which Common App prompt should I choose?  How to provide feedback and how to revise a draft?

Prompt reviews tens of thousands of admissions essays each year.  Let us help you and your student with this step by step guide to writing your main essay.

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  • College essays aren't complicated
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