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Prompt's bootcamps are an immersive, personalized experience with individual coaching in facilitated small-group discussions and through written feedback.


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Our mission is to make people better writers.
College essays are high-stakes, providing the perfect opportunity to engage students throughout the writing process (planning, writing, revising).

Our approach is backed by writing instruction research

  • We help students understand what their audience (admissions officers) is looking for.
  • We help students identify their experiences that match what colleges are looking for.
  • We help students determine what to write about, how to write about it, and how to structure it for each essay they need to write.
  • Students attend facilitated small-group discussions to plan and revise their writing.
  • Students receive written feedback (see an example of our feedback).

Strong essays increase your students' admissions chances up to 10 times that of students with similar academic profiles.

Our bootcamps are easy to use and adapt to every student's needs

Getting started

  • Select your dates (over 2 or 3 days).
  • Select during or after school, virtual or in-person.
  • Choose the topic (Personal Statement, UC PIQs, Apply Texas, supplements).
  • Provide your student list. We'll create their accounts.
  • Remind your students to attend.

During the bootcamp

  • Students engage in a mix of group lessons and facilitated small group discussions.
  • Students are placed in small groups based on their college lists and other factors (ELL, writing abilities).
  • Students plan/start writing within the Prompt platform.
  • Students complete an outline while receiving personalized guidance.
  • [Bootcamp+] Students receive written feedback on two drafts.

After the bootcamp

  • Students retain access to the Prompt platform, including Essay List Builder (all essay prompts) and a full curriculum for writing the most common essays.
  • You can assign essay reviews from Prompt's coaches.
  • You can track student progress and access drafts.

Bootcamp Pricing


  • 3 hours of instruction over 2 or 3 days done over Zoom over a 1-2 week window depending on the school's schedule and needs.
  • A mix of large group lessons and facilitated small group discussion.
  • Access to the Prompt platform containing our full essay curriculum for the most common essays and access to our Essay List Builder.
Pricing is based on the number of students

Starting at $2,499


Bootcamp+ contains all Standard features plus:
  • Written feedback on 2 drafts per student.
  • Additional facilitated small group discussions for revising their essays.
Pricing is in addition to the Standard Bootcamp price

$70 per student

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How do we choose our coaches?

Prompt's coach selection process

Meet some of our Coaches

Our acceptance rate is less than 2%. You are more than twice as likely to be accepted to your top school than to join our writing team.


BS: Stanford, Biomedical Engineering
Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT


One of Prompt's first hires (2017)
International Educator, 3,500+ essays


MFA: Columbia
Playwright, Screenwriter


BS: Cornell, Biological Sciences
Entomologist, Academic Reviewer

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