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What you need to write for college applications

You may be required to write 1 college essay or as many as 30+ essays.
Personal Statement
  • This is the main essay that students use for multiple applications.
  • Other names include the Common App Essay, ApplyTexas Essay, Coalition App Essay, or Statement of Purpose.
Supplemental Essays
  • These essays are in addition to the personal statement.
  • Colleges often require students to write supplemental essays, activities lists, and optional additional information.

How we work together

We assign you an Application Advisor and Writing Coach. You’ll receive unlimited support from the beginning to the end of the application process.

Your Application Advisor keeps you on track to finish your applications well in advance of your deadlines.

Your Writing Coach helps you plan your content and revise your writing for every application.

Stop worrying. Prompt has college apps covered.

  • Have applications you and your student are confident in – and that admissions officers will love!
  • Ensure your student completes their applications well in advance of deadlines – no stress!
  • Save time and reduce conflict. You won't be fighting over essays or providing feedback on your student's drafts. We guide your student through the entire application process.

Coaching Options and Pricing

We offer all-inclusive support on either the personal statement or on your entire application for a set number of schools. We also offer individual reviews and free resources.

Individual Reviews

  • Written feedback on one draft
  • Get any personal statement (e.g., Common App Essay) or supplement reviewed
  • Written feedback on content, structure, and clarity
  • Returned within 48 hours (with an option for 12 hours)

$99 per review

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Unlimited support from brainstorm to final draft.
  • Personal Application Advisor and Coach
  • As many video calls and reviews as you need to feel confident
  • A personalized timeline to fit your schedule
  • Options for just one essay (e.g., Common App Essay) or Complete Application Support (every essay + more) for 3, 6, or all of your applications

Starting at $699

$599 $499
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Here for the free resources? Click here to sign up to access Prompt’s Essay List Builder and Curriculum. Free bootcamps and reviews are available for students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch at their school.

Our Process

Part 1: Identify what you'll write about
  • Use Prompt's Application Plan to learn what colleges will find most compelling about you and start brainstorming your content.
  • Video call with your coach to complete brainstorming and align on your best content.
Part 2: Write your Personal Statement first draft
  • Draft an outline for your Common App Essay using Prompt's Personal Statement Outlining Tool
  • Video call with your coach to discuss and align on your outline. Start your introduction.
  • Complete your first draft and submit it to your coach for feedback.
Part 3: Revise and finalize your Personal Statement
  • Your coach provides detailed feedback on how to improve the content and structure of your draft.
  • Revise your essay based on the feedback and submit it to your coach.
  • Iterate the essay with your coach through to the final check.
“Stats alone cannot get your child into a top 20 college anymore. You need interesting and unique essays to show why your child is not only a fit for that college, but what they can do for them."
DN, Harvard University 2022

More than proofreading

Our team can help you plan your essay and provide written feedback.

  • Plan your writing with video calls.
  • Receive detailed feedback, nearly an hour of a coach's time per review.
  • Ensure your writing is compelling, engaging, and well-structured.
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How do we choose our Coaches?

Prompt's coach selection process

Meet some of our Coaches

Our acceptance rate is less than 2%. You are more than twice as likely to be accepted to your top school than to join our writing team.


BS: Stanford, Biomedical Engineering
Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT


One of Prompt's first hires (2017)
International Educator, 3,500+ essays


MFA: Columbia
Playwright, Screenwriter


BS: Cornell, Biological Sciences
Entomologist, Academic Reviewer

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